Planning Ahead

From concept, material selections, space/lighting architectural plans, construction documents/management, Sense of Style Interior has got you covered! We will help assist you along the way and get your project done. Our goal is to have a suitable design plan before your start your construction project or order any furniture so you can stay within a reasonable budget. With kitchen and bath design of over 18 years of experience in the trade.

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Executing the Design plan

When it comes to executing the design plan, homeowners need to make sure that the desired concept is going to work within the allocated budget. One of the biggest problems with going into a project is that most homeowners don't have the experience or knowledge of what construction/material costs. Coming up with ideas can be fun and exciting, but the costs of these items which might seem to be manor changes can send homeowners over budget and create a stressful home remodel project. Having a interior design that can come up with simple yet style solution to assist the homeowner stay within budget and timelines. Let us help you come up with a great design that you can be happy with for years to come.

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Enjoying a place you can call home

Once the major construction is done, homeowner's start to get a taste of all the energy and investment that have poured into there home. Building a custom home or just trying to give your living space a refresh, enjoy a place you can call home. It is the probably the once of the biggest investments you will make in your life!

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Next Steps...

If your interested in design services or construction consulting on your project, we offer a free in home design consultation to educate the client on our services work and evaluate how we can assist the homeowner to complete their project. Book your free design consultation today!